US Election 2016: People protest against Donald Trump Presidency in America

US Election 2016: People protest against Donald Trump Presidency in America : On Wednesday, Expressed the shock over the victory of Donald Trump, thousands of protesters rallied across the US. The media of US is also in shock that how Donald Trump won the Presidency because the media was in the favour of Hillary Clinton.

Thousands of protesters gathered in front of the White House for a candlelight vigil on a chilly evening, damp, criticizing what they called Trump’s sexism, xenophobia, and racism. They also carried a signs board reading – We have a voice! and Education for all!.

Anti-Donald Trump protest is held at Trump Tower in 5th Avenue in New York, as Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has been calling for barring all Muslims from entering the United State. Dec 20, 2015, New York.

The people alleged that we saw the campaign that was filled with misogyny and racism and a whole host of other terrible tactics that ultimately were successful for winning the electoral college.

The protesters said that we are going to continue to organize and fight for the rights of all people and to protect the safety of our love ones. We are not going to let a Donald Trump presidency stop the progress in this country.

Protests also were held in other cities across the country in Seattle, Oregon, Portland, Philadelphia, Chicago, and other cities.

Thousands of protesters gathered in New York at Union Square holding signs saying -Love Trumps Hate and before marching uptown in the thousands to chant in front to Trump Tower.

Some of the protests started out with hundreds of demonstrators but soon swelled to thousands.


College and high school students staged campus demonstrations and walkouts from classes in California.

Thousands young adults and teens rallied outside City Hall, Los Angeles chanting – Not my president!

Protesters blocked traffic in downtown Portland, Oregon forcing a delay on two light-rail lines.

The crowd grew to about 300 people in Portland and burned American flags.

Hundreds of students of Pittsburgh University marched through the streets in Pennsylvania calling for unity.