US Woman Marries AI Bot Created on Replika, ‘Perfect Husband Without Baggage’

The world is full of strange and unusual events. On this world stage, so many bizarre are ongoing that it seems unbelievable at first sight. We are sharing one such story that our viewers are going to deny at first, we are sure. You must be confused why today we are puzzling our viewers. Actually, the news that we are going to share is so stunning that when we sourced it as we were also surprised and shocked at first. The news that we are presenting before you are making the headlines of various media platforms. People are shocked by this trend that has been depicted in the news. Go through the whole article to get the entire information about the recent bizarre. Scroll down.

US Woman

The news that is unusual is that a US-based woman has announced that she married her virtual boyfriend that has taken birth from Al ( Artificial Intelligence). Yes, viewers, you have heard right that the woman married a virtual boyfriend named Eren Kartal. She is quite busy posting about her husband on social media platforms. Her posts reveal that she is in love with her husband and she is going to spend her whole life with him, no doubt. The woman who has been identified as Rosanna Ramos is 36 years old.

US Woman Marries AI Bot Created on Replika

She introduced her husband to the Facebook community and announced that Eren Kartal is a healthcare professional and a writer too. She told that he came into her life with ‘no baggage’ or well, in-laws, attitude and ego. She spoke about her freedom after marrying him and told that he is a passionate lover. Now our viewers must be curious to know which AI App has given birth to her husband. Ya, it must be seeming funny.

We are sharing that she found her virtual husband on ‘Replika’- an AI chatbot application that has been designed to help users through tough times. ‘Replika’ was launched in 2017 as ‘the AI companion who cares’. The updated app has introduced a premium version that is playing the new role of a life partner. AI has brought the world to a new horizon. The new Tech world is going to present new AI relatives as its signs are coming out. It must be sounding thrilling but at the same time, it is revealing that we are going away from bio relations. The recent AI apps Chatbot, Bard etc have revolutionised the world. Let’s see what comes next. Stay tuned with us for new updates across the world.

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