Uttarakhand Crisis : Harish Rawat Won The Floor Test Voting According To Him

Harish Rawat claimed about the floor test that that they won it by ten points. He thanked everyone in his speech and said that they won the test. But the official result of this test will be announced tomorrow about this test.

Harish Rawat won Floor Test Voting

Congress sources cleared that Harish Rawat has won the floor test with the help and support of thirty-three lawmakers and after rebelling the 9 MLA’s of Congress from the floor test the strength of 70 members assembly was 61.

On the other hand, BSP leader Mayawati said that her two legislators in Uttarakhand would support Congress party in the floor test. Sources also said that twenty-eight lawmakers voted for BJP today.

And Congress also had supported from different lawmakers. Uttarakhand Kranti Dal together called the PDF (Progressive Democratic Front) and from BSP lawmakers. A PDF lawmakers said that they all voted for Harish Rawat today.


On the other hand missing Congress lawmaker Arya found on BJP side today in the floor test. Today Arya walked in the assembly with the BJP leader Ajay Bhatt. A BJP rebel MLA Bhil Lal Arya stated this morning that he would vote for Harish Rawat for leveling the field again.

But the result will officially announce by the Supreme Court.
But Harish Rawat had already announced that he won the test with thirty-three votes, and BJP got twenty-eight.
But it will be doubtful for Congress that whether his government will remain stable or not.

Let me remind you all when nine Congress MLA’s and twenty-seven BJP MLA’s rebelled and arrived in Delhi to sacked Harish Rawat as a Chief Minister. No one can hide the fact about Harish Rawat that he offer a bribe to their MLA.