Vishakapatnam: A 35 Year old Man Passed Away in a Road Accident

A 35 year old man died in a road accident in Vishakapatnam. Good Day Readers. Today a disheartening news has come from Vishakhapatnam stating that a 35 year old man died in a road accident. Stay with this article to find out more about this news. A tragic incident occurred in Vizianagaram district near S Kota, where a 35-year-old man named DS Naidu lost his life as his motorcycle slid off the road. Naidu, originally from Anakapalle district, had visited S Kota for shopping and sadly, while on his way back home on his motorcycle, he was involved in an accident that proved fatal. The authorities have filed a case in connection with the incident.

A 35 Year old Man Passed Away

In recent years, India witnessed approximately 500,000 road accidents, resulting in the tragic loss of about 150,000 lives and causing injuries to around 500,000 individuals. India, as a participant in the Brasilia Declaration, has committed to reducing road accidents and traffic-related fatalities by 50% by the year 2022. To achieve this goal, the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill of 2016 is currently scheduled for consideration and approval during the ongoing Budget Session of Parliament. This bill aims to address various issues pertaining to road accidents, third-party insurance, and the implementation of road safety measures. In this context, we provide data concerning road accidents, the factors contributing to these accidents, and motor vehicle third-party insurance.

A 35 Year old Man Passed Away

The road infrastructure in India has seen substantial expansion, growing from approximately 400,000 kilometers in the 1950s to around 5.5 million kilometers by 2015. This growth has primarily occurred in rural areas and has been driven by initiatives like the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana, launched in 2000, to enhance rural road connectivity.

Rural roads now make up 61% of the total road network, with Public Works Department (PWD) roads accounting for 20%. In contrast, urban roads constitute only 9% of the road network. National Highways make up 2%, and State Highways comprise 3% of the total road length. Project Roads, which encompass roads built by various state departments and organizations like the Steel Authority of India and the Border Roads Organisation, make up 7% of the total road length.

However, since 2000, while the road network has expanded by 39%, the number of registered vehicles has surged by approximately 158%. This continued growth in the number of vehicles, despite physical constraints on expanding the road network, raises concerns about congestion and road safety issues, including fatalities.

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