Vyapari for the Vyapari

For a small to medium scale company, GST compliance is one of the biggest issues. Keeping a track and procession of sales, inventory, accounting transactions is something where things get little complicated. Even a slightest error in the calculation affects the business.

To bridge the gap, and help you manage your business processes and provide error-free accurate timely data, Logo has developed the most extensive, integrated, and effective platform- Vyapari App.

Vyapari app is an application that aims to help businesses to create GST Compliant Sales and Purchase invoices anytime, anywhere both from the app and the website. GSTR data gets updated real time so you are already ready to generate your monthly or quarterly GSTR reports.

Endorsed by the Goods and Service Tax Network (GSTN) of India, Vyapari has been recently entitled to extend the plan and provide the software to end users. The idea is to support all businesses that fall under a turnover of up to INR 1.5 Cr by providing free accounting and billing software. The move will benefit around 80 Lakhs MSMEs throughout the country.

Along with cutting down the burden of GST compliance, the software will simplify the complex processes of inventory management, generation of invoices, cash ledger and bookkeeping of GST return, finally empowering the small businesses by making them digitally efficient.

Through Vyapari, the software can be downloaded by eligible taxpayers who possess small to medium scale business and have a turnover under 1.5Cr till March 31, 2021. Available in multi integrated interfaces (Mobile app, Web and Desktop). Once installed, it works on a day to day basis, processing and accounting all the important information and systematically keeping a log of each. It can also be obtained by simply clicking on the ‘Download’ tab on the official GST website.

Along with the free accounting and billing software, Vyapari also enables an individual or an enterprise to systematically abide by GST norms by eradicating lengthy processes. It has inbuilt standard checks through which it is made sure that whatever data is entered is GST compliant, it also allows you to safely store the invoices, providing monthly GSTR.

Providing a user-friendly interface, no additional training or skill is required to sort your business through Vyapari, it can be accessed from both mobile or web. The sign-up process is quick and easy and the app is available for both Android and iOS.

Once downloaded, an entire team along with chartered accountant can be added without any extra hassle. In a situation, where you don’t like the product, you may deactivate whenever you want. After deactivation you can also obtain all the data processed by Vyapari.

Vyapari App & ERP has been developed after a deep analysis of the India market and proper studying of rules and regulations of running a business in the country, as a result the product is apt for the local scenario and is 100% GST complaint.
(For Advanced functionality- Vyapari subscription fee is only INR 499/- per month for 5 users)

Categorized systematically, feeding in information related to the business and clients is extremely easy and time-saving, the home page carries all the important information like recent sales invoices and activities. Filling in the customer details is also quite simple, just the basic details involving the name, GSTIN number and contact details are required and the software on its own obtains the address, GST registration type and PAN details using the GSTIN number.

Similarly, all the details related to the service provider and the services/products can be logged in. Introduced most recently, Bar code scanning is the new function that speeds up the invoice generating process up to a great extent.

With all these services at one-stop, running a business under GST compliance will definitely become easy for the companies.



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