Watch: Former England Cricketer Nasser Hussain Made a World Record By Catching a Ball

Watch: Former England Cricketer Nasser Hussain Made a World Record By Catching a Ball :- Former captain of England and best cricketer in the world of cricket Nasser Husain has made a new record. He took the retirement from cricket at least ten years ago. He registered his name in Gunneas Book of World records by taking a catch of a ball from highest point.


This challenge was given to him by the sky sports. The ball has been taken at such height by the drone. Nasser Husain achieved this records at the ground of Lords.

There are 3 chances to catch the ball from 100 Meter Height to Nasser Husain. A Drone is being used to take the ball at this height and the drone fall the ball at the speed of 74 miles per hour.


Nasser Husain caught the ball in his first chance but he was not happy with this. He asked to the organiser to increase the height.

Husain made the world record by catching the ball from the heigth of 160 meters. He was fail to catch the ball from the height of 400 meter in his third chance.

Nasser Husain was very excited to make the records and said that Sky Sports always crosses the limit and take it one step ahead for challenging the world. They uses many ways to covers the live telecast of the match and they are very experienced in this fields.

Nasser also said that I doubted on myself to catch the ball in the ground of Lords at such height but at last I did it.

Nasser Husain was born in Chennai and he is an Indian Citizens by birth. He played 96 Test matches and 88 One Day International matches for the England. He retired from the cricket but he never put himself away from the cricket. Now Nasser Husain does the commentatory in the cricket matches with Sky Sports.