West Bengal: 2 Sons keep mother’s body in house for 9 months

Kolkata: In Nadia district, West Bengal, 2 men kept the dead body of their mother in their house at Simhat for about 9 months and the skeleton was recovered on Sunday, police said.

The men were identified as Ajit Saha(55) and Arun Saha (65). Both of them are unmarried. They told the local police that their mother Nani Bala Saha died on 16th January at the age of 85. They could not take the dead body of their mother for cremation because it was very cold then.


The elder son said that we thought of taking the body to the crematorium a few days later. But later, maggots formed in the body and it was not taken for cremation.

Locals said the both of them did not interact with the neighbors. If someone enquired about the health of their woman, they would say that she was ill and sleeping. No one was allowed to go inside their house.

A few days back, a local – Rupak Adhikari went to their house for a survey on behalf of Haringhata Municipality. He had to measure the house and asked for some documents related to the house but was not allowed inside.

Adhikari said that he became suspicious and discussed this with other people and made a plan.

He further said that we formed a group of six people and sought to visit their mother this morning. When they did not allow us, a large number of people entered the house forcibly and found the skeleton on the bed. The room was shabby, dark and dirty. Then, we informed the police.

The locals said that the house is situated on large land and far from the main road. That is the reason why the stench from the body did not attract attention.

Locals added that both the brothers did not do anything for a living and led a frugal life. Some years ago, the younger brother was a private tutor some years ago.

The local Police said that the two brothers have been arrested and are being interrogated. They seemed to have psychological problems.

Last year in the month of June, police had found a man living with the skeletons of his sister and 2 dogs in his house at posh Robinson Street in Kolkata, West Bengal.