What Is Neo Sculpting? Youtuber Milena Ciciotti Faces Backlash Over Her Latest Video Watch

What Is Neo Sculpting? Youtuber Milena Ciciotti Faces Backlash Over Her Latest Video Watch The popular and talented Beauty and lifestyle YouTuber named Milena Ciciotti has recently released a new video on her official Youtube channel carrying the title of “The Lord is Doing Something.” She preached the current charges about her fibbing about her neo-sculpting experience and the influencer featured many verses from the bible while preaching the current drama. She had addressed in her videos and podcasts that one should love their biological bodies which are given and provided by God. Although, one of the users of Reddit caught her red-handed charging her of bringing neo sculpting therapies done along with botox fillers. Many of the users started hitting her content online which is leading to massive hate. Be with our page and blog to collect and grasp all the information and details about Neo Sculpting.

What Is Neo Sculpting? Youtuber Milena Ciciotti Faces Backlash Over Her Latest Video Watch

What Is Neo Sculpting?

The Reddit user named Lepihi6 posted a screenshot of a comment which clearly presents and showed the YouTuber being incompatible with her direction and the netizen featured how she did not disclose the therapy in her body modification videos. The Youtuber named Milena Ciciotti has been charged with bringing a neo-sculpting treatment performed while recommending on it and in the process above, the fat present in the body gets eradicated, along with a person producing more muscles mass at a similar time.

As per the statement of the Cosmetic Skin Clinic Doctor, the therapy utilises a mix of electromagnetic energy along with radiofrequency energy and the therapy fumes through fat employing heat energy. Apart from existing a highly transformational therapy, neo sculpting is a non-surgical process removed by the FDA. The Youtuber Milena Ciciotti lately uploaded her reaction to the charges where she stated that “There are times when I try to separate Milena in real life from Milena on YouTube, and I want to live freely as Milena and to be able to do my own things in my own world and not have the accountability that comes with such a large platform and having such a large audience.”

Milena restated in the video that she would not preach the therapies she has brought accomplished until she acquires a calling from God and she said that she conforms and worries God independently and will mark him first before allowing others to destroy her belief. Now, the 25-year-old is wishing her third child shortly, the couple wedded Jordan Ciciotti in the year 2017, the pair gave birth to Alethea Valentina in the year 2019, and their second child named Ariel was born in the year 2020. Stay tuned with us.

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