Who Is Afua Asantewaa? Ghanaian Singer Aims To Break Guinness World Record

In today’s article, we will share some shocking news with you. Afua Asantewaa Nigerian sing-a-thon contender alleges she will never be able to capture the Guinness World Records, recent news reports have revealed. Yes, you heard it right. This news is making headlines online and attracting everyone’s attention. After hearing this news, people have also asked many questions, such as whether the allegations against the Egyptian Sing-a-thon contestant are true or not. By whom was this revealed and many other questions. We have collected for you every clear information related to this news. To know in depth about this news, you will have to stay with us till the end of the article.

Who Is Afua Asantewaa

According to information, it has been learned that Nigerian social media influencer Jasmine Sing has made a big claim that she can break the world record of Afua Asantewaa for the longest singing marathon by a person. This news has created an uproar on the internet, after which people are hesitant to believe it. You all must have heard the name of Afua Asantewaa, if not then let us tell you that Afua Asantewaa is a well-known Ghanaian media personality and entrepreneur.

Who Is Afua Asantewaa?

Apart from this work, she has also got her name registered in the Guinness World Record book by breaking the record for the longest individual singing marathon. Afua Asantewaa was born on 11 May 1990 in Afua Asantewaa, Ghana. She started her career as a Broadcast Journalist, Entrepreneur, and Content Creator. After which she later became a well-known personality and spread her talent to the people. On the other hand, if we talk about Nigerian social media influencer Jasmine, then as we told you Jasmine is trying to break the singing record made by Afua Asantewaa.

It is learned that before the start of Afua’s singathon, Jasmine started her attempt last week in which she had planned to sing 120 Ghanta songs. She thought she would break the record of 105 hours set in 2012. After seeing her confidence, viewers can be sure that she is closely monitoring Afua’s progress. Afua Asantewaa started singing her song on 24 December to break the record for longest singing time and on 28 December she broke the record for longest singing time. After seeing her success, her fans congratulated her a lot. Today’s article ends with this, see you in the next new article with a piece of new news, till then stay tuned with us for more updates.

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