Who Is Alexander Wyatt Campbell? Two Officer Shot And Killed From Bridgewater College

Who Is Alexander Wyatt Campbell? Two Officer Shot And Killed From Bridgewater College A piece of very shocking and breaking news comes in the headlines that two campus officers from Bridgewater College were shot and killed throughout a forceful shooting happening which was happened on 1st February 2022 on Tuesday and the killer and suspect to the killing fled from the scene and the suspect was identified as 27-year-old named Alexander Wyatt Campbell. After identifying, he was detained from a North River island and now, the suspect is in police custody and the police officers of the slain were recognised as safety officers named J.J. Jefferson and a campus police officer named John Painter by Bridgewater College President David Bushman. In a statement, the president also stated that the authorities were close colleagues and were comprehended as the active duo in the residents. One of the spokespeople of Virginia State Police named Corinne Geller stated that the officers reacted to a pessimistic man for questionable activity on the Memorial Hall field of the college. Be with our page and blog to collect and grasp all the information and details about the whole matter.

Who is Alexander Wyatt Campbell? Bridgewater college shooting suspect in custody after two campus officers shot and killed

Who Is Alexander Wyatt Campbell?

As per the statement of the popular news channel, the incident occurred at the Bridgewater College campus where Jefferson and Painter tried to encounter the suspicious who open-fired on the authorities which results in the killing of the officers and in the investigation, the authorities found several guns from the campus. After the whole incident at the college, the college also allocated a shelter-in-place charge for students and raised the lockdown at around 4:30 PM till then the suspect was taken into custody.

Talking about the suspect and the accused then he identified as Alexander Wyatt Campbell of age 27-year-old man hailed from Virginia is arresting in the case of Bridgewater College shooting. He is a former student of the liberal arts college and he reportedly drove the route at Patrick Henry High School which is in Ashland and completed his graduation from the institution in the year 2013. The motive behind his killing and shooting at the officers is still not revealed and stated by any of the officials.

He was detained from around 140 miles southwest of Washington, DC by many of the officers and he has been arrested carrying four counts of felony, such as two counts of capital killing and is presently being kept at the Rockingham County Jail without bond. Stay tuned with Dekhnews.com for more details and information about the whole matter.

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