Who Is Charlotte Bellis? New Zealand Journalist Pregnant Returned To Taliban Reason Explained!

Who Is Charlotte Bellis? New Zealand Journalist Pregnant Returned To Taliban Reason Explained! Charlotte Bellis is a renowned journalist and a native of New Zealand. She has claimed her country for taking her request for the emergency Managed Isolation and Quarantine (MIQ); even though, she is pregnant and stuck in another country. She is staying in Afghanistan. The journalist is unmarried and pregnant which is illegal in a country like Afghanistan. Afghanistan is under the control of the Talibani administration. Taliban is considered to be a country full of terrorists. Therefore; the situation of the journalist is seeming to be more drastic. However; she has shown a different face of the Talibani officers in Afghanistan.

Who Is Charlotte Bellis

Who Is Charlotte Bellis

At present, she is staying in the capital of Afghanistan. She is in Qatar. After being disappointed by the government of her own country, she took to the internet and described her pitty. She shared that she is about to give birth to a child. She had to visit Afghanistan for some project. Thereafter, the government of New Zealand has brought some changes in the aviation laws due to new Covid-19 protocols. Because of the new laws, the authorities are not allowing her to get back to her country. She wants herself to give her first child to be born in her own country.

Pregnant TV Reporter Charlotte Bellis

The New Zealand journalist “Charlotte Bellis” has described her experience in Afghanistan with the officers of the Taliban. Her opinion about them is far cry from the rest of the world. She has expressed that she described her pitty before the Talibani officers. Although being pregnant without marriage is a sin in the respective country yet they understood the situation of the journalist and helped her.

One officer stated, we can understand the situation. You are from another land and it is common in your country. You stay calm and feel free. Tell everyone that you are married and if anyone troubles you in our jurisdiction area, do inform us. She has introduced a new face of the Taliban that is quite liberal unlike the expectation of the other countries.

Who is Charlotte Bellis?

She is a journalist in New Zealand. She has been working for the news network of Al Jazeera. She completed her earlier education at the Selwyn House School. Later, she joined the  University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri for her further studies. She completed her college education in 2009 and returned to her country.

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