Who Is Dr Raj Kanodia? Model Khloe Kardashian Thanks Plastic Surgeon For Perfect Nose Job, See Photos Here

Who Is Dr Raj Kanodia? Model Khloe Kardashian Thanks Plastic Surgeon For Perfect Nose Job:- Dr Raj Kanodia is a reputed plastic surgeon. He has baan thanked by the American actress Khloé Kardashian. The American actress thanked Dr. Raj on the occasion of her birthday in response to her birthday wishings received from the side of Dr. Raj. Now, people afre wondering to know about tis friendship. As far as we know, Dr. Raj has operated a surgery of the doctor. As far as we know, this news has become one of the most wandering news. The doctor wished the actress on her birthday and the actress personally replied to the doctor and also thanked the doctor to help her get her visioned look. The actress a.slo expressed her gratitude to the doctor for her surgery of nose when she needed it to be done. She said that the doctor is someone who is credited for her beautiful nose. Se added “thank you Dr for giving my nose the perfect look.

Who Is Dr Raj Kanodia Model Khloe Kardashian Thanks Plastic Surgeon For Perfect Nose Job See Photos Here

What Dr Raj Said To Khloé Kardashian?

Dr. Raj wished Khloé Kardashian another healthy and wealthy year on her birthday. It was the 38th birthday of Khloé Kardashian on 27th June 2022. The actress wasn’t expecting the wish coming from her doctor. However, her doctor shared her a message that was a wish as a prayer for another 100 healthy years to the actress Khloé Kardashian. She also wished her that the actress would remain happy and successful. Later, the actress put the screenshot of that message and put the message of Dr. Raj on her Instagram story. She also thanked the doctor and shared her experience with the doctor. She shared that he had surgery in the year 2021. She had nose surgery in the year 2021. She stated that she has gotten the shape f her nose what she wanted to have in her whole life. She finally had the courage to get this surgery operated on by Dr. Raj in 2021. Now, she loves her nose.

Who Is Dr. Raj Kanodia?

He is a doctor in the United States. He is a surgery expert. He has operated the plastic surgery on many celebrities and reputed as well as rich personalities in the United States. He is expected to be aged between 40 years and 45 years. He has become more popular with the story of American actress Khloé Kardashian who thanked him for the plastic surgery on her nose. He has also helped a number of people get their expected looks with his surgery.

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