Who Is Fiston Ngoy? Raped a Woman in a Running Train Bio Images Age And Details Explained!

Philadelphia is a city in Pennsylvania, USA.¬† Philadelphia is known for the Liberty Bell, Rocky Cheesesteaks and the Mummers. This city is also known as the “City of Brotherly Love” because of its revolutionary role in American history. Apart from the beautiful memories and fragrance of revolutionary American history, Philapendia has caught the sight the world because of a rape incident¬† in a commuter train before all the passengers. Meanwhile passengers remained spactatores. This is awful, as part of a living being, not helping a woman while someone is assaulting her. Other passengers did not help the victim women from being raped in a commuter train. This discreditable act of not doing anything has put the image of people of philapendia as devotees of the devil to this world. This incident has made the whole world depict that Fiston Ngoy performed an evil practice by raping an innocent woman and all the present public was enjoying as the devotee of Fiston Nyog.

Fiston Ngoy is a 35 year old resident of Pennsylvania. He is accused of rapping a woma in a commuter train

This rape incident occurred on the last Wednesday. Fiston Ngoy is a 35 year old resident of Pennsylvania. He is accused of rapping a woma in a commuter train before all the other passengers. However, no passenger dared to help the victim lady but remained on the train and watched the rapist committing crime. As per the police report, the offender first sat besides the lady and tried to touch her. Women continued to push him while the offender ripped her clothes off, pushed her down and assaulted her. The passengers neither stopped the rapist nor called the police. The sexual assault continued for eight minutes. Many passengers made the video of rape in their smartphones and tablets. The police arrested Fiston Ngoy along 69th street around 11 PM. The Police Superintendent revealed that viewing the surveillance footage was shocking to him and his team. The police took the lady to the nearest hospital, and being treated. The victim has got an injury on her body. According to the police, The victim has more mental strain than physical injury. Many times, the mental strain takes more time to heal than a physical injury.

This case has pointed out the finger of the whole world to the American security measures and the US claim of being the safest place on the earth. This case has decayed the reputation of US and the American President Joe Biden. World is questioning the Superpower America because of this case. The President of America must get ready to answer all the questions otherwise this case is enough to ruin the value of America and the American President Joe Biden in the world community.

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