Who Is Heather Morgan? Youtuber And Husband Ilya Lichtenstein Arrested In $4.5b Cryptocurrency Scheme

A piece of news is circulating on all the internet with higher speed that the Forbes contributor named Heather Morgan along with her husband named Ilya Lichtenstein has been detained by the officials in Manhattan carrying the charges of trying to launder $4.5 billion in robbed Bitcoin. The pair allegedly cashed out around 119,754 digital currency and the currency was stolen as a portion of the notorious 2016 Bitfinex hack in Hong Kong. A registered criminal criticism conveyed that the robbed cryptocurrency was paid on several things such as gold, NFTs along with a $500 Walmart gift card. The couple tried the huge theft that they utilised countable refined laundering techniques such as fake online accounts and transferring money via the medium of the dark web. The prosecutors discovered a bag tagged burner phone in their flat and also found a file carrying the title of “passport_ideas” on their personal computer. Be with our page and blog to collect and grasp all the information and details about the whole matter.

Who Is Heather Morgan?

Who Is Heather Morgan?

Now, Heather Morgan and Lichtenstein could confront the highest sentence of 25 years if they are assigned with money laundering and trying to trick the States. Talking about who is Heather Morgan then she is a 31-year-old economist who desired to grow up as a rapper, writer, and influencer and in her tried to carry over the whole internet and she left a bunched of videos on her official TikTok handle and in one of the video, she stated and saying that yes, that was cheesy/at least she’s not sleazy and from that time, she has been serving herself online carrying the name of Razzlekhan.

On her official website it is stated that “Just like her fearless entrepreneurial spirit and hacker mindset, Razz shamelessly explores new frontiers of art.” According to the LinkedIn Profile, it is stated that she got and completed her graduation in economics degree from UC Davis and she portrayed herself as a “serial entrepreneur, SAAS Investor, surrealist artist, and rapper.” Some more mastery she added in her profile was inside sales and e-mail marketing.

Talking about who is Ilya Lichtenstein, then he is a 34-year-old who maintains dual Russian-US citizenship and he completed his study in psychology at the University of Wisconsin and also served himself in the business of marketing on the side. Apart from this, he co-founded the company named MixRank, which supposedly enclosed billionaire Mark Cuban as one of their investors. Now, they are both detained by the officials in Manhattan carrying the charges of trying to launder $4.5 billion in robbed Bitcoin. Stay tuned with us.

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