Who Is Jack Hermansson? Is Sean Stickland’s MMA Career Was Ended After An Accident Details Explained!

Who Is Jack Hermansson? Is Sean Stickland’s MMA Career Was Ended After An Accident Details Explained! The American mixed martial artist, Sean Stickland, has made an amazing comeback in his career. This news has come up to be the headline on the sports channels. He has made an easy win in the MMA match against his opponent named “Jack Hermansson. He expressed about his accident in the year 2018. It was such an accident that it could result in ending the career of the professional MMA fighter.


After the accident, he worked hard and made a fantastic comeback in his game. He has become one of the most-popular MMA players at the present time on the account of his win in a match against Jack Hermansson. It was a devastating bike accident that caused the professional fighter for a long span of time.

It took him more than 3 years to recover from the injuries on the 2018 bike mishap. After the recovery, he has won the recent game with such a margin that he blew the mind of both judges and viewers therein he defeated the world 6th ranked player. On the account of his previous performance, it seems that he would win a title in sooner.

Accident of Sean Strickland

As soon as the accident of Sean Strickland is discussed, he had met with an accident in the year 2018. He was riding his bike and the accident happened. The bike was at around 45 km/k speed at the time of the accident. As a result, he had to go through severe injures. He has stated in a recent interview that the bike mishap could finish his career entirely. He had a knee injury. He had to face knee surgery. Now, he has recovered from the accident and he is back to his professional life.

Who is Sean Strickland?

He is a mixed martial artist and also a UFC player. He was born in New Bern, North Carolina, the United States on 27th February 1991. He is 30-year-old.

One Step Closer To Titel Glory

Sean Strickland has stirred the MMA audience after his comeback. He has defeated Jack Hermansson in his last game who is at the 6th rank in the world among the MMA fighters. Sean Strickland has a great record of winning 25 games in 28 games. He has lost only three bouts since his debut match in 2008. Now, his eyes are on the title match. It seems that he would have a fight against the Middleweight Champion “Israel Adesanya.”

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