Who is John Swoboda? Mt. Juliet Man Found Dead After Going Missing Explained

Recently, the news of the missing of John Swoboda is being viral on the internet and social media platforms. The man is named to be as John Swoboda. He was around the age of 30 or something nearby. John Swoboda’s photo is being viral on the internet and social media platforms through the help of netizens and social media users, as he has been missing for the last many days. Now read the article here and get to know what happened with John Swoboda.

Who is John Swoboda?

John Swoboda is around the age of 29. There are reports that John Swoboda has been lost from his house on the 7th of December, 2022. Now the matter of the missing John Swoboda has reached the police and now the police have been working on the matter. Here we have also provided you with the details of John Swoboda, and if you see any man of that information then you may contact the Juliet Police Department at 615-754-2550.

Who is John Swoboda?

The family members of John Swoboda have informed that the day when John Swoboda lost his home and never returned, he was wearing gray sweatpants, a dark green zipper jacket, and a hooded sweatshirt with a logo of Mickey Mouse on it that has off-white sneakers. His hair is brown in color. He has hazel eyes. And John Swoboda’s height is 5’9″ and 160 pounds. They have requested everyone that if John Swoboda would be seen then they may come forward and inform the Juliet Police department.

John Swoboda had left his home in the Triple Crown area off Pleasant Grove Road on the 7th of December, 2022. However, by now the case has been registered by the Mount Juliet Police, and they have started to work on the case and they are continuously searching for John Swoboda. The police have mentioned that they have done an inquiry of the family members and friends of John Swoboda, but no one is aware of anything about him.

There are reports that John Swoboda had left his home without his phone, identification card, cash, or any dress. It is not yet known whether John Swoboda is still alive and totally fine or whether something crucial has happened to him. The police force even tried to search John Swoboda with the help of the rescue dog, but he could not be found and his scent was lost around John Wright Rd, which is really very strange.

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