Who Is Rapper 22Gz? Brooklyn Drill Rapper 22Gz Arrested in NYC on Attempted Murder Charges

Hip Hop scene has turned out to be a gangster culture, although, it is almost the same because most of the rappers do re-present the gang culture, sometimes they only re-present it through their songs, and sometimes they become a gangster. However, it is just a normal thing in the rap culture and the same thing recently happened with Rapper 22Gz who was recently booked with the murder charges. As soon as the news started surfacing on the web people across the globe started searching about the case, if you are also one of those searching for the same so be here till the end.

Who Is Rapper 22Gz

The American rapper from the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York Jeffrey Mark Alexander whom you all prominently known as 22Gz is recently booked at John F. Kennedy International Airport for felony attempted murder. According to the sources, the rapper came to New York from Atlanta to perform at Hot 97’s 2022 Summer Jam. The rhymer missed his guest set at the famed New York music festival. However, the arrest was not made on any recent activities but it is an old case where the rapper was identified by one of the victims as a gunman. The recent news has said that police were searching for him for a long time and finally he was nabbed by the cops at JFK airport.

Who Is Rapper 22Gz?

Actually, 22Gz back in march 2022 opened fire on three people in Brooklyn, N.Y. party hall. However, none of the victims reportedly suffered life-threatening injuries but one of the victims identified the rapper and said that he was the gunner. Just after the scene occurred it created a buzz everywhere that people started talking about the law and order system in the city, amid this, Eric Gonzalez Brooklyn District Attorney said in a press conference that “This shooting not only wounded the victim but endangered the lives of everyone in a crowded club”.

Well, if you are one of his fans then you must be in the swim that it was not the first time when the rapper is being into the headlines but before this, back in 2017 he has been to jail and that too for five months for fighting second-degree murder charges linked to a Miami shooting. Now, as per this you can take the idea that the rapper is sparking gang violence in the city and if he does something like this than what his fans will do.

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