Who Kidnapped Catholic priest Fr Peter Amodu? What Happened To Him, Read Complete Case

Dejected news is coming from Benue State. A priest has been kidnapped in Okwungaga-Ugbokolo. The name of the priest of the Holy Ghost Congregation is Rev. Fr. Peter Amodu. He was a Catholic priest. He was a respected personality in Benue State in Nigeria. He was kidnapped nearby along Otukpo on Wednesday, 6th July 2022. The news of his abduction was confirmed by some of the officials and close ones of the priest Rev. Fr. Peter Amodu. This news was shared by John Okpotu. John Okpotu is the director of communication of the Otukpo Diocese. As far as the Rev. Fr. Peter Amodu is discussed, he was working as the Parish Priest in the Holy Ghost Parish of the Catholic Diocese of Otukpo.

Catholic priest Fr Peter Amodu

It is said that he was kidnapped by some people when he was somewhere near Otukpo/Ugbokolo road. The news of his arrest has been confirmed by the Catholic Diocese of Otukpo via a notice signed by Rev. Fr Joseph Itodo. The police are investigating this case. According to the information given by the police officers regarding the kidnapping of the concerned priest, it was around 05:00 PM on July 6, 2022, when he was abducted. This news has surged a sense of wrath among the people against the kidnappers. The Benue State Police Department has yet not shared any details related to their investigation if they have found any leads in the search operation of Rev. Fr. Peter Amodu. The police officers have stated that they must find the priest by any means.

After the abduction of Rev. Fr. Peter Amodu, a number of people who knew him have been remembering the name of Rev. Fr. Peter Amodu in their prayers so that God may protect the priest and he is rescued by the police safely. In an interview with John Okpotu, he confirmed that the abduction of Rev. Fr. Peter Amodu happened on Wednesday, 6th July 2022. Now, the police are striving to find any link between the kidnapping and the suspects by registering the statements of people. As of now, there is no information police have shared related to the kidnappers of the priest. More details related to the case of the abduction of Rev. Fr. Peter Amodu will be shared on the internet as soon as possible.

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