Who was John Horton? How Did John Died, What Happened With Him.

A very tragedic and harsh incident happened in North Carolina where the state trooper named John Horton died and passed away after met with an accident which was occurred at the time of a traffic stop where his own brother who is also a soldier and he lost control of the cruiser in which he was seated and directly hit his brother who was standing near on 3rd January on Monday. John Horton, who was a Highway Patrol Soldier was standing on the shoulder of a highway which is in Mooresboro and he was standing with a driver and he had dragged over for unknown causes and this has occurred when all of them were struck by the car of the police car which is of his brother named Trooper James Horton. James lost his control of the vehicle and hit the duo while he was reacting to the spot to help and aid his sibling. In this accident, the duo who was standing passed away and died at the spot before taking them to the hospital. Be with our page to grasp all the details and information about the accident.

Who was John Horton

The driver and the Trooper died in this tragedic accident and lost their life and the driver who had been dragged over is identified as a 26-year-old man named Dusty Luke Beck who was declared at the spot while the trooper named John was taken to the hospital carrying serious injuries on his body and in the hospital, he was treated under the observance of many doctors who provided their best to recover him but later, they lost him and declared him dead.

Talking about who was John then he served himself in the department for the past 15-year and the whole accident is investigated by the State Bureau of Investigation of North Carolina along with the Collision Reconstruction Unit of the highway patrol. Although, no charges have been registered in the accident to date. Gov Roy Cooper is the North Carolina Tropper who took to the official Twitter handle to grief his sadness at the tragic demises and gives condolences to him and his family.

Apart from this, a GoFundMe page was also created for John for his funeral process and the last rites of him and to date, it collected much amount for this. There is no information about the funeral process or last rites of the trooper but definitely, it will reach a conclusion very soon, till then stay tuned with us.

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