Why Indian Finance Ministers Always Carry a Brief Case On Budget Day? What’s Inside It?

Why Indian Finance Ministers Always Carry a Brief Case On Budget Day? What’s Inside It?: – It has been three long years when the Prime Minister Narendra Modi came into the power. Progress is observed throughout the nation with the different and various welfare schemes organized and launched for the people Below Poverty Line (BPL).

These were incepted, environmental welfare programmes, foreign investments which were brought to the whole nation.

Whereas, the time is come to see the real and the actual results, which doesn’t arrive or come as per expectation and as per the noticed. In spite of the rapid growth in the Information Technology sector, no delighted or joyful results till now come out reportedly. Modi Govt is about to Deposit Rs 10,000 In Your Bank Accounts

Why Indian Finance Ministers Carry a Brief Case On Budget Day?

As per the all other takes, demonetization is regarded as a massive move made by the Prime Minister in order to control or deal with black money from the grassroots level, contrary to the primary objective behind the idea, and this is also turning to be phenomenon also.

Political discrepancies, window exchange, and illegal conversions took place everywhere, and experts said about this 2018 budget that some good or amusing results can be expected to come and can maintain for the long run time too which is sounds good for the nation.

Amid all these serious discussions, there is also a vital question persists which is about the presence of a briefcase in the hands of our honorable financial minister Arun Jaitley.

From the past couple of years, there is the advent of the Internet, and people started questioning about this budget anyway.

What’s Inside Briefcase?

Well, this is also yet to wonder what is inside the budget briefcase.

Some and many people observed this briefcase reportedly and the budget plan is also all set to declare for this year anyway.

Right from the very beginning in this independent India, every finance minister always had seen carrying a briefcase generally.

According to the various media sources, the tradition of carrying briefcases has been going on since 1947.


So when the budget plan has all set to come public can feel like letting everybody aware of the story behind this.

The briefcase is the consequences of the colonial legacy; which a designed leather box, also regarded as the “Budget Box” was presented to William Ewart Gladstone (Finance Minister) by The Queen.

The same ‘Budget Box’ has been presented to UK’s also in successive ministers since 1860.

Throwing light on the further details about the association of this briefcase with Indian budget, so let me tell you it started when a person named RK Shanmukham Chetty, is the actual responsible for presenting independent India’s first budget speech in 1947, and he was seen carrying a briefcase alongside him.

And, in order to keep the legacy alive, the succeeding finance ministers have continued to follow Chetty’s footsteps, and still today that practice of carrying the briefcase in the time of budget announcement going on and each minister is doing the same.