Why Violent Janta Ka CM Arvind Kejriwal is Silent Over the Tacit Support of ‘World Culture Festival’?

Why Violent Janta Ka CM Arvind Kejriwal is Silent over the tacit support of ‘World Culture Festival’ on Yamuna Banks by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar?

Badly tarnished his image as somebody, whose arrival in politics was to ‘teach people how to do politics’


New Delhi: Supporting the three-day mega ‘World Culture Festival’ on banks of river Yamuna by CM of Delhi can kill Yamuna. Kejriwal’s silence and tacit support to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for his three-day event on Yamuna banks has badly tarnished his image as somebody, whose arrival in political was to ‘teach people how to do politics.’

We don’t have intention to defame the CM of Delhi Mr. Arvind Kejriwal but your tacit support to ‘World Culture Festival’ by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar can kill Yamuna you vowed to save and it has badly tarnished your image as well. The concern become more important when the river is already badly affected and polluted one. You tweeted that NGT has given the verdict nad all controversies need to be rest. “Now that NGT has given its verdict, all politics n controversies around AOL event shud be put to rest”.  But we brought the reasons why so? Have a look about the same reasons:

  1. The first and foremost reason is that number of farmers displaced from their agricultural land and their crop destroyed.
  1. There has been an indiscriminate destruction of the natural ecosystem that existed on the floodplains over about 60 hectares on the western side of the river and due to this natural vegetation consisting of reeds, and trees have been completely removed and the large number of birds and other natural life that was supported by the floodplain has vanished due to this destruction.
  1. There has been large-scale compaction of the tract of land between the DND flyover and the river with the entire area of the floodplain having been levelled. According to the NGT-constituted committee report, water bodies that dotted this stretch have been filled up and frozen which could disturb the natural drainage network of the area.
  1. Parking sites, as well as access roads and ramps for thousands of expected vehicles are being constructed on either side of the river with heavy construction equipment and materials that pose high risks of improper debris disposal as well as irreversible compacting in the plains.
  1. The entire site, during the construction of the venue, is littered with construction material and machinery and if not cleared properly, could disturb ecological balances in tract and cause further divaricating in the plains.
  1. Around 3.5 million people in several thousands of cars are expected to milling to the venue. Several diesel-run generators would be used to power the event with chances of leaking.
    Such a congregation is bound to have a polluting impact in the river, the floodplains and adjoining areas within the National Capital Region.
  1. Installation of around 650 portable toilets has been planned across the venue. Combined with waste generated by the millions of people expected, this would signify a substantial stress of waste disposal and if it is not handled properly it will further lead to degradation on the flood plain, ground water and river which will further pollute the river.
  1. Two pontoon bridges across the Yamuna and three smaller ones across Barapulla have constructed. This is in direct violation of the 2015 NGT order that banned any activity on the river recognising the devastating potential of any such construction. The committee has noted that there is no way to find out whether the debris generated during the construction of the bridges has been dumped into the river.

Moreover, the topography of the floodplains has been charged in accordance with needs for the festival and this may have remove number of shrubs and natural vegetation.

It is also possible that the noise generated during the festival by loudspeaker can cross the limits of 10 dB and cause noise pollution.

You come in politics to teach the other politicians ‘how to do politics’ and now you are proving your political immaturity.

Why you are silent over the whole issue and instead you welcome the guests by tweeting. “Its a huge cultural event wherein people from 155 countries are coming. Delhi welcomes all guests”.

Please make your answer and concern. It is badly tarnishing your image. People can say a person who comes in politics to teach other politicians how to do politics but by the tacit support to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ‘World Culture Festival’ proved political immaturity and why you are silent so called Janta Ka CM Please wake up and answer. We are waiting your valuable reply.

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