Why Was Louisiana Teacher Arrested? For $ex Crimes Charges

Recently, a video was shared that is currently surfacing on the top of various internet sites. This video featured a former teacher of a Louisiana school and this video shows the teacher as saying some topics related to s8xually things. This news is creating a great buzz on the internet and attracts the interest of many people who are now expressing thier curiosity to know more about this news. Let’s know the complete details about this incident such as the suspected teacher, this viral video, and more in this article, so read continuously and completely.

Why Was Louisiana Teacher Arrested

According to the reports, a video is getting so much attention and this became a topic of discussion. Jacob de la Paz was arrested on Thursday and is now charged by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security with the federal crime of enticing a minor to produce child pornography or child sexual assault material. He is arrested after coming out of a video in which he is seen as shirtless and saying s8xually suggestive things to someone he says he tutors. The investigation is ongoing but not much information has been shared or announced by the authorities and we will update you soon.

Why Was Louisiana Teacher Arrested?

Let us know more about the suspect, He is currently 33 years old and facing federal crime charges. He was a former teacher at St. Thomas More Catholic High School, Lafayette and he was teaching mathematics. Before teaching at the High school, he was teaching in Vermilion Parish School for five years from 2017 to 2022. It is also shared that it was not the first time when he was found involved in an inappropriate connection with a student. He was previously disciplined in Arkansas for sending an inappropriate message to a student.

This video is currently running in the trends of the internet and social media pages. This video is crossing a large number of views on social media pages. After going viral on this video, the police began an investigation and arrested the suspect. He is being held in jail in St. Martin Parish. There are many social media users expressing thier reactions to this viral video by commenting and sharing. It is shared that the suspect will face the charges of his crimes and people are curious to know more about this case. The investigation is ongoing but much information has been shared by the authorities. Stay connected to dekhnews.com to get more articles.

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