Why was Young Buck arrested? Rapper busted in Nashville Charges And Reason Explained!

Why was Young Buck arrested? Rapper busted in Nashville Charges And Reason Explained! The breaking and shocking news of the time is that the popular and talented rapper named Young Buck was detained and prisoned on 2nd February after reportedly harming the car of his ex-girlfriend. The news of his arresting grasp and catches all the attention of the internet users towards the news and everyone is talking about the arresting of the rapper and keen to now all the information and details behind his detention by the police officials and for which they started surfing on all the internet about this. The news is about the rapper named Young Buck who was arrested recently on some charges and all the details and reason behind his arrest is mentioned below. Be with our page and blog to collect all the information and details about his arrest.

Why was Young Buck arrested?

In an arresting testimony, the police stated that the ex of the rapper registered a domestic disturbance on the mid-noon of Wednesday and the artist had messaged her previously that day to notify her that he was reaching over, however she was clueless of his reaction when he started kicking at the front door of the car. After that, the ex of Buck stated in a statement that after he left the spot, she comes outside and saw her car which is totally damaged that was in her driveway, with injury to the side of the driver and passenger and apart from this, the whole incident was too recorded on video and the officials are verifying the damage to the vehicle.

Why was Young Buck arrested?

The popular rapper named Young Buck was detained carrying the charges of vandalism after he harmed the car of his ex-girlfriend and the allegation were also confirmed as the whole incident was captured on video. After that, the officials tracked the rapper down while he was travelling and pulled him over to detain him and then, the rapper was reserved into a local Nashville which is in Tennessee jail and was later discharged and released from the jail on a $1,000 bond.

This is not the first time when the rapper Young Buck comes in any of the cases as he was faced many allegations and charges in the past few years such as in the month of October in the year 2020 on charges of domestic assault alongside illegal custody of a weapon and vandalism over $10,000. Now, one more time he was arrested by the officials for damaging his ex-girlfriend’s car, stay tuned with us.

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