Will KSI Fight Jake Paul Too? YouTube Star Wants to Fight Tommy Fury Next

The breaking news is coming from Los Angeles, California about the YouTube Star KSI, Jake Paul, and Tommy Fury. Their fighting with each other is circulating all around social media. As per reports, fury has said that Jake Paul is the only social media star he would fight. Their fighting news is going viral on social media and getting a lot of attention. Further, KSI revealed little information about his next fight with Joe Fournier. People are very excited to watch and is it the fight for which people are waiting. If you want to know the complete information about this news, continue with this page until the end and read the full article.

Will KSI Fight Jake Paul Too?

According to the sources, he is now facing a fight with Tommy Fury. His fans are still confused that he will get to face Jake Paul or not. KSI announced that he will now face Tommy Fury. KSI even defeated FaZe Tenperr in a fighting ring. In August 2022, he end his name from the boxing arena. As per reports, Tommy Fury has ruled out a fight with KSI despite the YouTuber boxer. He is showing interest in facing him. His fans are very excited to watch their fight.

Will KSI Fight Jake Paul Too?

As per reports, a well-known personality KSI is celebrating his victory by entered on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani. He announced this information on May 16. On that day, Helwaniu asked KSI if his next target is Fury if yes so what would be the date? Further, KSI gives an answer on that topic, I want this fight. I will fight it is my 100 percent. It is obvious to talk about the next fight. It is information is coming that before the fight between KSI and Jake, they both want to win their individual fights. In their super fight, first, they want to win their individual matches.

Further, KSI is very excited about fighting Tommy Fury, and the YouTube star, he said that he will destroy the boxer. He even said that I am very serious I feel like I can destroy him. I saw what Jake Paul did to Tommy Fury and I was Like, Wow, Jake is trash. Put me in with Tommy Fury and I will show everyone the levels. His fans are very curious to know what will happen between the KSI and Jake. Further, Jake told that he does not want to fight. If we get any other information regarding this news we will update you on the same site.

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