Wimbledon Prize Money 2018 Breakdown (Mens/Womens Single Winners Earn £2m)

The biggest tournament of Tennis is underway and it has been successful till today’s date. The Wimbledon was first organized way back in the yer 1968.


The Wimbledon is managed by the International Tennis Federation (ITF). Meanwhile, all these players in the tournament will be seen in a race to win the prize money.

This is the 4th year when ITF has increased the prize money. Last year, there was 5% increased in the prize and now the prize amount has been raised by the 5%.

The prize money of this tournament in 2015 was £26.75 million and this year it has increased to £28.1 million. This consecutive increase in the prize money has motived the many players to put their full efforts in this tournament.

Today, we will take you to the list of all the prize money in each round of this tournament.


Now we will take you to the prize money of this previous edition of this tournament, where you guys can compare and witness how rapidly the prize money has increased in all the passed years since the arrival of this Championship.
Well, these all are the prize money for the different round of this tournament for which the players will be in the race in Wimblendom 2018.

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