A victim Woman of Gang Rape and 5 times Acid attack doesn’t want to live anymore

A victim woman of gang rape and 5 times Acid attack doesn’t want to live anymore :- Lucknow: A woman who is the victim of gang rape and acid attack is begging that I do not want to live anymore, I can not take it anymore. The victim woman still survives after going through the harrowing experience of gang rape and five acid attacks. Five days ago, the woman was forced to drink acid on a train while returning to Lucknow from her home in Rae Bareli.

Woman of Gang Rape and 5 times Acid attack

In the acid attack, the woman suffered burns in her mouth, jaw and throat. She even can not talk and can not eat food. The security guards are guarding her at the hospital. Lying on a hospital bed, the 46-year-old woman says that I do not want to live. I cannot take it anymore. I want justice but have no hopes left.

The victim woman belongs to the Pasi community(dalit). The attackers are related from the Thakur community. The victim woman said that she was gang raped in 2008 because she refused to part with the land that the attackers wanted. They were arrested and let off. After coming out of the jail, they attacked me with acid in 2011, twice in 2012 and again in 2013 to teach me a lesson.

The victim woman works in Sheroes Hangout — a café run by acid attack survivors in Lucknow. She had gone her home in Rae Bareli to celebrate Holi festival. After celebrating Holi festival, she was returning by train when she was attacked again. The attackers – Guddu Singh and his brother Bhondu Singh were on the train. They caught me when I was getting down at a Lucknow outer stoppage. One of them caught my face opened my mouth before I could realise and another poured acid into my mouth. I lay screaming for help but passengers walked away.