World Elephant Day: Fun Facts about Elephants & this day

World Elephant Day: Fun Facts about Elephants & this day: You all should know that the World Elephant Day is getting celebrated today by the whole community around the world, today on 12th August 2018. If you are looking for the facts about this day then you are on a very right page, you all should know that World Elephant day is one of the most amazing days and it is observed to protect the Elephant and make awareness about them because they are disappearing very fast. Also, this day is amazing because people from all around the world learn the few facts about Elephant and we all should care for them.

World Elephant Day 2018

First of all, India is the nation where we respect Elephant not because they are very special animals but they are connected with the religion too. Also, they are part of our culture for a very long time and you all should know the facts about this amazing animal. Also, you all need to learn the fact that one of the most important “White Elephants” isn’t available now on our planet earth.

Also, the reports are claiming that there are believed to be about 20,000 Indian elephants remaining in the wild. You all should know that Elephants are herbivores and can spend nearly 12 to 16 hours a day eating, consuming between 150 to 300 kg of food a day, with a large African elephant’s diet extending to about 600 kg daily. Since the pachyderms lack sweat glands, it has been believed that they flap their large ears to stay cool.

You all should know that this day is very important and in this very important day, Indian actor Vidyut shared hit pictures with an Elephant and also shared a very good video to make sure that everyone loves the importance of this amazing creature. We know that some we can’t do anything about Elephant directly but by controlling pollution, cuts of the tree, or maybe saving water we can provide them the good life on this planet.