World Food Day 2018: Important of Nutrition & Food for everyone

World Food Day 2018: Important of Nutrition & Food for everyone: You all should know that the World Food Day 2018 is here and we are going to talk about the importance of this day. Everyone is eating food, but how many of us are eating good valuable food. We aren’t just talking about feeding ourselves but having good nutritious food is very important. We think that this world is quite ignorant of the fact that a big majority of people aren’t capable of eating valuable food even they don’t have any type of food.

World Food Day 2018

The goal of this World Food day 2018 is to make sure that all and everyone can get food and nobody dies because of hunger. It is hard to achieve a goal but it could be done with the help of people and normal folks. You and me, we both have to be responsible and trust me if you and I are ready then nobody can stop us. The goal is simply to provide food to every single person in this world.

The special day is commemorated by various government, non-government as well as international organizations, including the World Food Program and the International Fund for Agricultural Development, which is concerned with food security. It isn’t a duty of any government or something like that. I think everyone should be able to have dinner, lunch or breakfast because it is the basic need.

“You cannot achieve or get anything without hunger, but a hungry stomach won’t let you do anything for a long time” this statement is ours and we think that it is really a true thing to say. We have to come together and make sure that none of us sleep hungry. This year’s theme is “Our actions are our future. A #ZeroHunger world by 2030 is possible”. We think India has a very long way to go to achieve this goal.