WrestleMania 33: The Undertaker returns at WWE Royal Rumble Possible opponents John Cena & Stings

WrestleMania 33: The Undertaker returns at WWE Royal Rumble Possible opponents John Cena & Stings :- WWE fans have not witnessed their favorite star Undertaker for quite some time. No doubt, the fans miss the aura of Undertaker, especially the fear that he used to carry with him like his shadow.



There were days when no other WWE stars were biggest then big Undertaker. The big guy was known for his aggressive mindset and his never say die attitude. Undertaker was featured last time in WrestleMania 32.

But, now the good news is coming out for WWE and Undertaker fans that the Deadman is ready to be seen at theWrestleMania 33. Also, another big name is set to challenge Undertaker to a match at WrestleMania 33.

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Guys, we are talking about 57-year-old, Sting. The former WWE wrestler who has spent over 25 years in WWE will again be seen in the next edition of WrestleMania.

Sting had officially announced his retirement in April, but it can’t stop him from making his return. Meanwhile, it will not be easy for Sting as the last time when he fights Seth Rollins at Night of Champions 2015, he injured his neck and since then he has been the injury prone.

Both Undertaker and Sring are in the 50s and it will take a lot of gut and strength to be back and fight against each other. Sting in his exclusive interview titled his clash with Undertaker as “Unfinished Bussiness.”

But it looks like the authority of WWE will not allow Sting to face Undertaker keeping in mind his injury that can get worse.

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Meanwhile, there is also a talk about the match between John Cena and Undertaker. WWE is looking to call back John Cena to face big Undertaker. Even, this clash was looking possible at WrestleMania 32, but Cena injured his shoulder at the time and was not able to tackle Undertaker. The match finally ended featuring Undertaker and Shane McMahon in front of 10 100,000 people.


It will be the perfect opportunity for John Cena to face the Deadman before Undertaker announces his retirement next year. Although Undertaker has restricted himself doing full time writing from 2010, there are higher high chances that he will return for Wrestlemania.

Undertaker has a brilliant record at WrestleMania as he going 23-1 at the event. But, none of these 24 matches included John Cena. Even, Cena and Undertaker has not faced each other for last ten years.

Meanwhile, the Wretlemania33 will take place on April 2, 2017, and , now after this news, the millions of fans of Undertaker and John Cena will be excited and will wait for the Wretlemania33.