WWE RAW Results 21st March 2021 Highlights Recap Full Fights Rhea Ripley Debut

The craze for the WWE RAW among fans has a separate fan base. Many viewers and fans like to watch this amazing tournament or we can call it a fighting tournament which is probably famous among viewers. Today, we have lots of things to share with the WWE RAW audience after the Fastlane pay-per-view. Due to the absence in the WWE Championship, the picture of the title will come into focus. To come back to the event and also, at the entrance for the WWE RAW, we have lots of things to share with our audience and viewers. The Monday WWE RAW will be telecasted at 8 PM ET on March 22, 2021.

WWE RAW Results


After losing many times in WWE, RETRIBUTION finally decided to break up at Fastlane. Mustafa Ali made a habit to blame RETRIBUTION’s members at every moment. Mace, Slapjack, Reckoning, and T-Bar are finally sufficient for Fastlane. After that, Riddle defeated Ali and retain his winning title and Ali again blamed his members and mocking them. Later, Reckling and Slapjack walked out from there. On the other side, T-Bar and Mace stayed in the ring for a long time to hit a double chokeslam. Now, it is possible in the WWE RAW that the fallout breakup will be seen in the ring and the light of Ali and RETRIBUTION’s new direction is coming. It is not confirmed yet that they will continue to wear masks and come with their original contrivance.

WrestleMania WWE Title Picture

Finally, Drew McIntyre feud with Sheamus to rest in the WWE Fastlane. He will take out Sheamus after brutal NO Holds Barred Match after finishing it with-in well-time dagger, after battling in the arena. After ending the match, Drew scared and hurt but along with this. Bobby Lashley is fresh and Now, the fight between Lashley and Drew has been confirmed for WrestleMania. They both will face each other and Lashley will pick the advantages of his injuries in the fight.

The entrance of Rhea Ripley

After being teased, the valuable time has come for all when Rhea Ripley will give her first entrance on RAW and going to make her first debut on RAW. She has last appeared in WWE NXT when she faced Raquel Gonzalez after this, she called in the main roster. She also appeared in WWE RAW but later, she didn’t appear in WWE RAW the next night. Later, her debut was being teased by many. But now, she will have her final appearance in WWE RAW and establish her first fight on the roster.

Fiend Returned

According to the details, the Fiend came back at WWE Fastlane and obstructed Randy Orton’s match against Alexa Bliss. After staying away from WWE since burned alive by Orton, his returning in WWE Fastlane will take out a new contrivance match and maybe, that has been expected for a long time. Now, Fiend has a new message for Randy Orton, but with a new look, it is not clear that he will be seen in Firefly Fun House.

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