WWE WrestleMania Backlash 2021 Results Recap Highlights F2F Card Full Fight Videos & Preview

The 37th WrestleMania took place on 10th April and 11th April 2021 in Tampa Florida at Raymond James Stadium. The event aired on the original network of Peacock in the US. It was a two-night event and a total of 51,350 spectators watched the show. Well, the key highlight of the event was the fight between Cesaro and Roman Reigns. However, the fight between The Miz and Damian Priest was also one of the key highlights of the show. The first match kickoff between Ricochet and Sheamus who competed for the title of Univeral championship. In the starting, the Sheamus dominated the ground but later Ricochet came up with full force and attacked his opponent.

WWE WrestleMania

Later, Sheamus hit his opponent and dashed a running knee attack. After the game between the two was over, Ricochet attacked Sheamus and took the hat and Jacket of Sheamus with him, and ran away. Next up we saw Rhea Ripley, Charlotte Flair, and Asuka fighting for the title of Women Raw Championship. In the fight we saw, Asuka and Ripley ganging up against Flair. However, Flair gave a tough fight to the two and skillfully counterattacked. Ripley who holds the title of Women championship was able to preserve her title by defeating both Flair and Asuka.

Next up we saw, Dominik Mysterio & Rey, competing against Robert Rood & Dolph Ziggler for the title of SmackDown Tag Team Championship. At first, Dominik was beaten by Ziggler and Roode backstage and specifically attacked his wounded leg, and thereafter, Rey was the only one left as Dominik was severely injured and was not in the condition to fight in the ring. Rey competed against both his opponents alone, but later, Dominik came back and knock out both of them. This match was one of the best matches in the WrestleMania37. However, the spectators held their breath when the final and ultimate match.

We saw wrestlers Cesaro and Roman Reigns competing against each other for the title of Universal Championship. It was one of the toughest fights and the most anticipated match. The spectators were holding their breath and were enthusiastically waiting for this particular match. Cesaro’s arm was badly injured and therefore, Reign took the advantage of the situation and attacked multiple times in the injured arm of Cesaro. However, Cesaro also gave a tough fight to Reign. It was an extremely great match, as both wrestlers showcased their best wrestling skills in the ring and for the first time, it was difficult for the audience and others to predict who will win the universal championship title. At last, Roman Reigns won the title of Univeral Championship by defeating Cesaro. Stay tuned with us, for more latest updates.

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