Xiaomi Folding Flip Phone Check Specification Features Price In India Images

Xiaomi Folding Flip Phone Check Specification Features Price In India Images :- At the present date, the Motorola Razr is being one of the coolest smartphones in 2019 because of its on-paper specifications. After some period of time several other brand would also draw inspiration from this design.

Xiaomi Folding Flip Phone

Now, it seems to be like that Xiaomi has already applied for a patent of a folding device back in the year 2018 as well as it has just been approved as well. The device is also quite similar to the Motorola Razr along with a flip phone form factor but at the same time Xiaomi has added its own twist to the design.

At the same time, the patent has been also uncovered by LetsGoDigital along with that it details how the device would look as well as function. While unfoldeding it, the device seems to be quite similar to any other modern-day phone with thin bezels.

On the other hand, the device has a hinge at the centre as well as it folds the phone in half, with display closing flat- possibly without any noticeable gap at all. That also sounds quite similar to the new Motorola Razr but at the same time, there’s also some twist that Xiaomi has further added.

Xiaomi Folding Flip Phone Specification Features

The twist in the meantime, seems to be quite inspired from Asus’ implementation of a Flip Camera module that we have seen earlier on the Asus 6z. At the same time, the device has a flip camera system that holds total of three different cameras as well as perhaps a small display that displays basic notifications icons on top.

While you fold the screen, the flip camera module at the same time acts as a small secondary display. But when you unfold it, then it hides the camera at the back and will only flips open when you need to take selfies.

At the present date, this is only a concept that was filed in the year 2018 and as we have seen recently with folding phones, there are some challenges to the folding phone as a concept.

Xiaomi Folding Flip Phone Price In India

In addition to that, the flip camera module may possibly increase weight as well as have an adverse effect on battery life. At the same time, the flip module itself is delicate and it poses an additional challenge in order to the structural integrity of the device as well.

On the other hand, Xiaomi has shown off a prototype folding device that is very much similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The device has a folding display along with two hinges on either side- you can mainly fold out the display from whichever side for a larger canvas.

Though, Xiaomi hasn’t yet released a commercial variant of the device and so far the closest it has gone to that is with the Mi MIX Alpha concept device that has a wraparound display together with no side bezels.

The Motorola Razr, in the meantime, is yet to come out on commercial basis and demands a premium in spite of packing in midrange specifications. The new Razr on the other hand is also supposed to come to India as Motorola’s flagship offering.