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Did Uday Chopra broke up with Nargis Fakhri Over Whatsapp?

Did Uday Chopra broke up with Nargis Fakhri Over Whatsapp?Well, 2016 did not going good for the famous celebrates relationships and they are broking back to back and one of the most famous relationship broke up this week and that relationship is in between Nargis Fakhri and Uday Chopra both end up their love relationship after a long time and that’s not cool. Because people who know them didn’t felt that good for the break up.


Sources saying that they both fought on Whatsapp because Nargis wanted an official relationship with Uday and on the other hand Uday wanted to keep it as a secret relationship They both didn’t admit their relationship even after two years but everybody knows from the b town that both of these people have relation and know the relation is over.

Nargis Fakhri had left for New York overnight after she was dumped by alleged beau, Uday Chopra and that’s so shocking also I think they both have a secret relationship since long time and that’s so shocking because people are shocked because they don’t know that they both are in relationship and that’s so shocking.

Also we read on an article that Nargis and Uday got broke up because Uday don’t want her more in his life also sources saying that they both didn’t have that type of connection. They both got broke up in social networking and after the broke they both didn’t talking to each other also sources saying that they both didn’t want to talk in term and that’s so shocking also i think they both didn’t going to be the great couple in upcoming days.

I think this year didn’t went that good for the Bollywood because everybody is breaking up again and again and that’s so shocking also after the broke up of Faran Ahkthar this is another heart breaking news for the fans.