Google Railtel Expands Free Wi-fi Services In Other 9 Railway Stations

Google Railtel Expands Free Wi-fi Services In Other 9 Railway Stations :- Google is collaborating with Railltel , the telecom arm of the Indian railway. Google will expand free Wi-Fi services to the other 9 stations in India with a high speed internet which will be used by the 1.5 million passengers and visitors.indian_railways_reuters_02

Google India head said that as in present time a high speed internet is required at some stations and i will be provided to some stations. Then the passengers and the other people can also get advantage of this high speed accessing internet.

These free Wi-Fi services will be provided to the stations of Pune, Bhubhneshwar and Ranchi. A senior railway minister officially said that the formal launch is slated on Sunday.

Gulzar azad Google head said that a high speed internet on these places are the real need of the hour he also said that these services will be formally inaugurated by the current railway minister Suresh Prabhakar.

Azad said that about 1 lakh people use this service at Mumbai central stations per week. Google and Railtel collaborate that they will make Wi-Fi network to 100 stations at the end of the year which will be used by 1 million people per day.

Railtel owns a pan-India optic fibre network exclusively on railway track. It laid out over the 45000 km of optic fibre network across the country.

The Wi-Fi facility starts at odisha this Sunday and it is inaugrated by the current Railway minister Suresh Prabhakar. Bhubhneshwar railway station is the second railway station that will be covered under the Google’s free Wi-Fi project.