Kunj Is Suffering From Anaemia! Tashan-E-Ishq 19th April 2016 Episode Written Update

The last episode of the TV series “Tashan-E-Ishq” started with Leela is come to meet Twinkle and asked her why she was so anxious afterward coming from Mumbai. Twinkle started crying and said that Kunj is sick. Leela is also became anxious now and asked to the Twinkle that what happen to Kunj.

Kunj Is Suffering From Anaemia! Tashan-E-Ishq 19th April 2016 Episode Written Update

Twinkle said that he is having an uncommon kind of the blood disease and we have to now make sure he should not get injured as if he gets injured it will be very dangerous for his life and it will be also very difficult to arrange blood for him. Leela consoles to the Twinkle and said to her that nothing will be happening to Kunj.

Now Leela asked to the Twinkle, is Kunj is aware of his weird kind of the disease. Twinkle said no, I will tell him on the right time. In the mean time, Kunj come there and he asked to the Leela is Twinkle is okay. Leela said yes, Twinkle is okay and now Kunj leaved.

When Kunj was alone in his room, Twinkle arrived and she asked to the Kunj that she is having a gift for the Kunj. Kunj said what that, Twinkle asked to Kunj that she brought the book which he loses for her in the race.

Kunj became very happy and hug her and also asked to her, why she is anxious. Twinkle said to the Kunj that she needs to talk to him. Kunj said fine, tell me but suddenly Kunj received a phone call and he said to the Twinkle that we will talk later. Now I have to leave for an important meeting.

Meanwhile, Kunj rush to the hospital in order to donate blood but there he shocked to know that he is suffering from Anaemia. And when Twinkle gets to know the news that Kunj is in hospital, Twinkle rush to the hospital and Kunj welcome her with his smiling face.

And Kunj said to the Twinkle that you must want to tell this to me that I am suffering from Anaemia. And now Kunj hugs with Twinkle and said that you love will be giving me strength to fight with the disease. On the other hand, Yuvi also arrive in the hospital.

It is Yuvi acts like a patient in the front of the police, so police admitted him to the hospital and Anita is very happy as her son is out of jail now. However, he is in the hospital but hospital is better than jail off course.

And it is Yuvi and Twinkle also did not get chance to catch each other’s glimpses. And now Anita is looking for a final remedy to get release Yuvi from the jail.