JNU Afzal Guru Controversy : Twitter reacts to student union president’s arrest

JNU  Afzal Guru Controversy : Twitter reacts to student union president’s arrest : A group of student of  prestigious  Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) was arrested over the alleged charges of ‘Anti-National’ activities carried in the JNU Campus over the last few days. The event titled a “Nation without Post Office” was organised to mark the judicial killing of Afzal Guru who was hanged in 2013 after the conviction was proved in the Court for attack on the Parliament in 2001.


The entire event soon turned the JNU Campus into a political ground. Massive media coverage were made and the issue turned into fire on Social sites. Home Minister Rajnath Singh and HRD Minister Smriti Irani condenmed the issue and said ‘Zero-tolerance’ on such issues.

JNU  student union president Kanhaiya Kimar was arrested on Friday in case of ‘anti-national’ remark and activities carried under his leadership. This event soon condemned and opposed by BJP student wing ABVP acd the leftist organisations after the slogans were shouted. “Bharat ke tukre honge hazar’ (India will be broken into a thousands pieces) and Bharat ki Barnadi tak jung zari rahegi(our struggle will continue till the India will destroy). But Left-inclined Student Federation (SFI) have keep it away from the incident.

According to the protesters the judicial killing of Guru was made without the prior knowledge of Guru’s family and public announcement and that’s why the whole incident is called “The Nation Without a Post Office”. Congress Vice-President Rahuk Gandhi took the side of students and claimed the whole incident is a conspiracy of BJP to suppress the voice of the youths.

However, the university claims that it cancelled permission for the Afzal Guru event, which was actually claims to carry the cultural event. The VC Jagdeesh Kumar called it an event of indiscipline.

Twitter also reacted sharply to the ongoing controversy, with some denouncing the application of sedition on a perceived slight against the nation, while others condemned Kumar and his fellow students as hailing from “a breeding ground of anti-nationalism.”