1 Firefighter Dead: 2500 People Evacuated Due To Forest Fire In Spain :- Authorities on the Canary island of La Palma said that they have evacuated 2,500 people because of a forest fire.

According to the reports that a German man who burned soiled toilet paper, started the fire.


The Regional Government of Canary island said on Friday firefighters and army emergency service soldiers were using eight water-carrying helicopters and three water-dumping planes to try to extinguish 3-day-old blaze wrathful between strong winds and high summer temperatures.

On Thursday, One forest worker died when he was working to control the fire.

A police statement said a German youth 27 year old admitted starting the fire accidentally by burning his soiled toilet paper.

The fire has burned over 2,000 hectares in the centre of the volcanic island known for its mountainous countryside and rich vegetation.