31 Students In Bengaluru Schools Test COVID Positive, BBMP issues Covid-19 Advisories for Schools

Hey, as you all must be in the swim that the world has been to the deadly novel virus that has taken so many lives with every version of it, and every time it returned it came out to be an even more dangerous version of itself. Well, people were recently started taking a sigh of relief but it seems like the virus is still with us, because recently, news from Bengaluru’s two schools has shaken medical teams again and also the authorities because the news claimed that around 31 new cases of covid 19 have been found.

31 Students In Bengaluru Schools Test COVID Positive

Around 31 students from two schools in Bengaluru have been found positive for the virus. The news has shaken authorities that how it happened again because still the world and India are suffering from its last given effects and now it has come again. An official said that around 30 students from 2 different schools in Dasarahalli, North Bengaluru, have been found positive for the virus, however, none of them has been hospitalized because they all are in quarantine. The news came into view when a BBMP head went for a checkup and vaccination, checkup some of the students were found positive for the virus.

31 Students In Bengaluru Schools Test COVID Positive

All schools and universities in Bengaluru have been approached to start prudent steps and keep up with COVID conventions, the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) said. The instruction organizations have been approached to direct mandatory warm examining at the hour of passage for instructors, understudies, and staff. Assuming side effects are found, they should be confined and exposed to the COVID test. The specialists have been approached to affirm whether the staff individuals have gotten two dosages and a promoter portion of immunization.

On Monday under 500 Covid cases were distinguished in Bengaluru. There are 3,738 dynamic cases in Bengaluru and just 28 people are being treated in the medical clinics. Among 28, 3 people are treated in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The rest are secluded and getting treated at their homes, according to the information given by the Health Department. A sum of 17,960 COVID tests were directed till Tuesday night. There are 19 control zones in Mahadevapura, 4 in Yelahanka and 2 in Dasarahalli zones. K V Trilok Chandra, Special Commissioner (Health), BBMP said in a statement, The checkup team found some of the students alongside workers in the school were carrying the virus with them and it created a buzz when the news turned out to be public. Another statement has shown that most of the students that have been found positive for the virus are in primary class and saying this won’t be bad that kids have been found + for the virus.

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