Live Updates: Rahul Gandhi ED Case, Rahul Back at ED Office After Lunch Break

Day 3: ED (Enforcement Directorate) questioned Rahul Gandhi for over 10 hours this Tuesday. He is ready to present again to the federal probe agency today, June 15. Many Congress workers come to the streets and even some senior leaders were arrested because they protested again the foregather of Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi as they alleges a false case against them. A meeting is ongoing of Congress leaders along with KC Venugopal, Bhupesh Bhaghel, Randeep Surjewala and Adhir Ranjan Chowdhary at congress headquarters.

Rahul Gandhi ED case

Cops entered Congress headquarters as Enforcement Directorate. Police sealed the house of Congress  MP Deepender S Hood. he said “It’s so mishappening that we are not able to go to our own headquarters,”.”This also shows Political Revenge as my private properties were sealed by police,” said MP Deepender S Hood. All entries in Congress HQ have been sealed.

Rahul Gandhi ED Case

Enforcement Directorate’s office situation is closely controlled. Delhi police were throwing sand to extinguish the burning tires. Bhupesh Bhaghel and KC Venugopal (Congress leader) also protested outside the All India Congress Committee (AICC). “Some leaders from different political parties have been harassed by Enforcement Directorate, Income Tax Department and CBI,” said Bhupesh Baghel. Questioned to Rahul Gandhi about why he is silent on corruption and how this violence is happening by Congress.

Congress supporters are reacting and creating much violence on the streets, today’s situation is under control but the rest of the 2 days were so difficult. some of them are burning tyres in front of the ED office while some are burning vehicles in protest. Srinivas BV (Indian Youth Congress president) was kicked by police from behind. He lay flat on the ground while he was surrounded by police. He dares the police to take him away if they can. Congress leader did ‘SATYAGRAH’ outside the party headquarters. The protesting Congress workers break police security and barricades outside HQ.

Live Updates Rahul Gandhi ED

After finishing a four-hour session, which ended at around 3:30, he again joined his questioning at 4:30 after a break of 1 hour. During the break, he went to his home. This was so shocking for the Congress supporters that Rahul Gandhi is in trouble. Oppositions are also taking advantage of this as Rahul Gandhi is suffering from these issues. Still, we can hope that congress supporters get some relaxation during this tough time and that the false case against Rahul Gandhi will close soon. Stay connected with us for more updates and information.

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