Adriana Davidson Missing: Police Looking for Missing 15-year-old last Seen in Ann Arbor

Police are investigating a missing case of a High School student who went missing two days ago. According to the sources, Washtenaw County Sheriff’s deputies have asked to public’s help to find out the missing teen who has been identified as Adriana Davidson. A 15-year-old, Pioneer High School student has gone missing for the last two days and since then, police are trying to locate his location to find him out as soon as possible before any mishappening takes place. As per the reports, Adriana Davidson has been reported missing since Friday, January 27, 2023. Let’s find out what happened to her and how did she go missing?

Adriana Davidson Missing

After this mishappening, Davidson’s family including Anthony Lopez, Michael Sugano, and John Davison sat together on a family couch to talk about the missing family member. John Davison told that he last heard from his daughter, who they call “Addy” when she was leaving to take Ann Arbor public bus. When Addy didn’t reach home on Friday afternoon, he called and also texted her, she always responds to his messages and calls but she didn’t. Now, the situation has taken a horrific turn and family members are also seeking help from people to know more about her daughter.

Missing Adriana Davidson

Now, the search of Adriana Davison has begun and the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office is looking for the teen girl who went missing from Friday, January 27. As per the reports, Adriana was last seen at her high school. She is from Scio Township and before went missing, she talked to her family around 9 AM, when she left the house for her route to school. At around 11 AM, Adriana’s friend saw her last time outside Pioneer High School.

When she didn’t return home, her family began looking for her but didn’t find yet. At that point, Davidson’s family reported to the sheriff’s office. Now, police is seeking public help to find out the missing teen. Along with this, several photos have been shared on social media to find her out as soon as possible before the situation goes worse than before. Adriana was last spotted near Pioneer High School Ann Arbor MI 1-27-23.

If you have any kind of details related to the missing teen, Adriana Davidson so, please don’t hestiate to call Washtenaw Metro Dispatch at 734-994-2911 or reach a confidential tip line at 734-973-7711. Stay tuned with us to know more details regarding to Adriana Davidson.

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