Alexander Csergo Arrested For Selling Australia’s National Security Information | Who Is Alexander Csergo?

Today we are going to discuss very huge news which is coming out from Sydney. A man allegedly sold secrets of Australia is arrested. According to police, Alexander Sergo, an Australian citizen living abroad, was jailed for allegedly selling classified information to a foreign intelligence agency before being passed back to Australia. Let’s see about it in detail. Alexander Sergo, an Australian national charged with employing foreign power, has had his case suspended until Monday in Sydney. Alexander Sergo, 55, who usually lives abroad, was arrested in Sydney’s Bondi neighborhood on Friday on charges of exchanging information with people working for a foreign intelligence agency, according to a statement from the Australian Federal Police. was taken into custody.

On Saturday morning, Mr. Sergo appeared in court via a video connection from a police cell wearing a gray Nike zip-up hoodie and glasses. He did not ask for bail. Lawyer for the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, Conor McCreath, however, informed the court that Mr. Sergo would be offering an application for release before the Downing Center local court on Monday. He will appear for the second time on Monday to apply for bail. He is the second person charged by the Counter Foreign Interference Taskforce since the federal parliament passed the Espionage and Foreign Interference Act in 2018.

Alexander Csergo Who Lived In Shanghai

Alexander csergo Arrested For Selling National Security Information

AFP claims that Csergo, which has offices in Shanghai, China, New South Wales, and other locations, was contacted via social media by a man posing as an officer of a think tank. According to reports, Csergo met two people he knew, “Ken” and “Evelyn”, who allegedly promised him money in exchange for information on Australian defense, economic, and national security policies as well as international affairs. did.

AFP claims that between around 1 February 2021 and 14 April 2023, Csergo put together several reports for them and received payment for those reports. According to the authorities, “Ken” and “Evelyn” are engaged in intelligence gathering while working for a foreign intelligence agency.

He worked for Telstra, Cellarmasters, and Hyatt Hotels Corporation before moving to China. AFP alleged that “Ken” and “Evelyn” may have also contacted other Australian citizens and residents, and it encouraged anyone with information to come forward. Espionage and foreign influence are risking Australia’s power, security, and the goodness of our national organizations. As part of the Counter Foreign Interference Taskforce, which also includes the AFP and ASIO, efforts are being made to destroy and reduce the danger. Damage caused by espionage and foreign interference. For further information stay tuned with us.

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