Woman Quits Her Job In TikTok Viral Video | Watch Clip Of Her Boss Talking Smack Behind Her Back

Here we are talking about a woman who quits her job in her Tik Tok video. The video went viral after her quitting their job in her Tik Tok video. In Tik Tok video clip, she is showing how her boss talking smack behind her back. According to the report, she is an employee in a company where her boss talks shit things in her absence, therefore she quits her job. She is a Tik Tok user. It feels bad when someone not talking to your face but talking behind you. To know more about this woman why she quits her job and what it says about work culture? read the full article.

The woman who quits her job is named Samantha Rae Garcia. Samantha Rae Garcia is a Tik Tok user. She shared her thoughts after this incident, that it always comes off badly and hurt whenever you come across someone who isn’t willing to say something to your face, she also added that but has no problem speaking about you behind your back. After the uploading video, Tik Tok users’ minds and thoughts are get changing. They are realizing that self-respect is more important in any field.

Why Woman Quits Her Job?

Why Woman Quits Her Job

The Tik Tok user Samantha Rae Garcia recognized that her boss saying something about her. Samantha Rae Garcia started recording her Tik Tok video when she recognized that her boss was speaking about her disease and work performance.  In the Tik Tok video, she was speaking ill about Samantha Rae Garcia and her work performance.

Further, the clip was also turned into a comic. Her manager know that she was sitting within earshot of their backbiting. For Tik Tok users, this is new content for them. The whole scene was recorded in the video and uploaded to the Tik Tok Platform. The Tik Tok user appeared to take the whole thing in stride, even whispering rejoinders in the video. Further, the entire video turned into a comedic piece of content. In the caption of the video, she texted; “My boss did not know I was right here while she was talking shit about me,”.

On the social media platform, Tik Tok a caption went viral, “I quit my job of 4 years today. I’m done with these disrespectful, hasn’t had manager training in 50 years managers BYE.”. Now when we talk about work culture, according to business manager magazine, Gen Z reacts to work culture said that the main reason for quitting a job is that toxic work culture and excessive work pressure on employees. On another social media platform. a user on Twitter wrote, “I resigned from my job today. Toxic workplace….be gone. The last day will be next Friday. On to bigger and better things. Further, this new wave of workers is actively pushing back on the behaviors that make the workplace a toxic environment.

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