Amaravati: Angry mob beat up mercilessly the duo over suspect of rape, 1 killed

Amaravati: On Sunday, a man died after an angry mob beat him up and his pal because they are the accused of killing a 19-year-old girl at Adavuladeevi, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.


According to the police sources that Vemula Srisai and Jonna Pavan Kumar had breaken into the house of victim namely Sk. Jasmin. She was alone at home. Both of them assaulted her. She tried to fight them off but both of them tied a belt around her neck and strangled her.


Srisai and Pavan Kumar hung her body from the hook of a ceiling fan and then raised an alarm that Jasmin had committed suicide.

Both of them claimed that they knew the girl. They said that she had told them that she wanted to commit suicide because she was being married off against her wish. They also said that they had rushed to the house to save her but failed.

The locals of the village gathered at her house. Locals grew suspicious on them after the locals found injuries on the dead body of the girl. Then the locals of village tied the duo to a tree and beat them up mercilessly.

The local Police intervened the matter soon and took both of them to the near hospital but Srisai died while undergoing treatment. Doctors said that Pavan Kumar remains under observation. The dead body of Jasmin was shifted to the government hospital for autopsy.