American Bank Offers Internship of Rs 2 lakh Each to Four LSR girls

American Bank Offers Internship of Rs 2 lakh Each to Four LSR girls :- This is the first time in India their students bagged the highest paid summer internship this year 2016 of around Rs 2 lakh each of them with a Brazilian company, Embraco company.

According to the reports, Where only Four Lady Shri Ram College students bagged the biggest funded summer internship this year of Rs 2 lakh each among a Brazilian company , Embraco.

Four LSR girls bag Rs 2 lakh internship

While numerous as 97 other girls received advanced internships and 300 scholars of the sociable group have previously completed internships with companies like Ernst and Young, JSW , KPMG, Hannover Re, etc.

The name of these four students Aditi Mishra of BCom course and second is Deboleena Dutta from Economics course and three is Prerna Grover from Statistics and Ayushi Seth from Journals side and the was the member of a consulting plan. This was the first moment that we selected interns from India. We watch ahead to before-mentioned collaborations, said that Arup Majumdar who is director of the Asia-Pacific region, Embraco company.

While complete, 279 proposals were given to the scholars of the college of whatever 97 are funded internships. Regarding the batch of 900 outgoing seniors, 300 have previously completed their internship.

Where in the last year in the 2015-16 employment period, 59 companies offered placements of which 38 hit the college. The extraordinary offer was of Rs 29 lakh per annum, although the score was Rs 6.4 lakh. A result of 112 students was assigned.

The placement number of the college asked much reputed strong as strong as start-ups to choose the interns. The cell has directed to take in a diverse list of recruiters to the university in the past.