Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate Charged With Rape and Human Trafficking in Romania

The breaking news coming that former professional kickboxer Andrew Tate has been charged in Romania with human trafficking, rape, and forming a criminal gang to se*ually exploit women. His brother Tirstan Tate is also involved in this crime. Both brothers have been charged with repa. Both names are circulating all around the internet. This news is going viral on the internet and getting a lot of attention. His fans are getting shocked after hearing this news. People are searching for this news in huge quantities. If you want to know the complete information regarding this news so continue with this page till the end read the full article. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate

According to the sources, a well-known social media star and former professional kickboxer have been charged connection of rape, human trafficking, and forming a criminal group. His brother whose name is Tristan Tate was also involved in this crime. Both were released from Romanian jail and shifted under house arrest in March. Misogynist influencer Andrew Tate and his brother have been charged in Romania with human Trafficking, rape, and forming a criminal gang to sexually exploit women.

Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate Charged With Rape

Further, not only this the pair are accused, along with two Romanian women, of tricking seven alleged victims with false declarations of love and transporting them to take part in pornography. The women were allegedly controlled by “intimidation, constant surveillance” and claims they were in debt, prosecutors said. The Romania police shared that Andrew Tate is 36 years old former kickboxer while his brother Tristan is 24 years old. Prosecutors accuse Andrew Tate, 36, of raping one of the alleged victims, while Tristan, 34, is charged with instigating others to violence. Currently, this news becoming a hot topic all over social media platforms. Now, both are under police custody.

Moreover, Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate so far vehemently deny the accusations. Under Romanian law, a judge has up to 60 days to assess the files in the case before defendants are sent to trial. An eyewitness said in court against the bother that they were prepared to “demonstrate their innocence and vindicate their reputation” at a hearing in Bucharest on Wednesday morning. Several women in Britain also are pursuing civil claims to obtain damages from Tate, alleging they were victims of se*ual violence. In a recent interview with the BBC, Tate denied spreading a culture of misogyny and accusations that he manipulated women for financial gain. If we get any other information regarding this news we will update you on the same site.

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