As per RAW report: ISIS trains 20 Indians in Afganistan to conduct attacks on India

As per RAW report: ISIS trains 20 Indians in Afghanistan to conduct attacks on India : As per the information of Intelligence Agency RAW, Islamic State (ISIS) has launched a special operation to train cadres from these countries at its Nangarhar camp in Afghanistan with the specific purpose of targeting and making inroads into India and Bangladesh.

In a recent classified report submitted to the Central Government, the country’s external intelligence agency Research & Analysis Wing has said that ISIS may well have managed to lure some of the youth who recently fled from states like Kerala to the Nangarhar training camp.

The report states that more than 20 young men from India, mostly from southern states like Kerala, are being trained by ISIS at the Nangarhar camp which is close to Jalalabad. ISIS will try and send these men back into India to launch some terror operations.

As per the top government sources that the information forwarded by RAW has also been shared with other security and intelligence agencies, including NIA.

The report further reveals that ISIS is also believed to be training some youth from Bangladesh and the Maldives at the same camp.

Centre has taken a serious note of the inputs and asked NIA and the Intelligence Bureau to closely track all activities of ISIS in the country and adjoining region. Both NIA and IB have a special cell that monitors ISIS operations.

A senior intelligence official said that ISIS training cadres in Afghanistan is serious as this could impact the security situation not just in India but the entire region. If the terror outfit succeeds in making inroads in Bangladesh and the Maldives, it is dangerous for India’s internal security. We are closely monitoring the situation.

The officials added that as far as Afghanistan is concerned, there is a great deal of co-operation between India, US and Afghanistan on various security related issues. We are working together to counter the increasing influence of ISIS in the region as it will impact all stakeholders.