Light Rain expected in Delhi, Weekend to get colder and foggier

Light Rain expected in Delhi, Weekend to get colder and foggier : On Friday, the Indian Meteorological Department said that light rains are likely over the weekend with temperature coming down to 10 degree Celsius in the national city.

The rain might also help dissipate polluting dust particles and improve the air quality in the city. The IMD predicted minimum temperatures around 10 degrees Celsius while the maximum temperature is expected to be 22 degrees Celsius in the city.

On Friday, the national city woke up to moderate fog. The minimum temperature recorded was 11 degrees Celsius in Safdarjung, Palam and Ayanagar as well.

As per the IMD that temperatures are expected to decrease to as low as 8 degrees Celcius with shallow fog by Monday.

According to the report that on Friday, flight movements were disrupted by fog, including four international and eight domestic flights.

But, the airport officials said that no interruption occurred in ground operation activities.

However, the foggy conditions forces three trains to be cancelled and 70 trains to arrive late in city.

In upcoming week, the people of Delhi will experience the cold days due to snowfall in the Kashmir, and Himachal pradesh.