Assembly Election 2017: Twitter Reaction, Funny Feku & Pappu Trolls, Memes, Jokes, Pics

Assembly Election 2017: Twitter Reaction, Funny Feku & Pappu Trolls, Memes, Jokes, Pics :- Today Uttar Pradesh’s people took the big decision and showed that they really want to see change and nothing can stop them. As you all know that today Indian democracy did historical work on UP election and changed the old legacy and break lots of myths. People are now well known by the political games and they are smart enough to choose the best government for their bright future.

All, parties did great hard with full dedication and played all their cards on this election. As you all know that Akhilesh Yadav who was the chief minister of UP government made an alliance with Rahu Gandhi or congress but their togetherness didn’t work out well. Both parties did a great job and played all the tricks they got but people rejected them both.

These both young politicians thought that their alliance is going to work and that’s the biggest mistake. Also, Akhilesh Yadav is looking quite confident and as he said in his interviews before election results that they are going to win the election with full support. On the other hand, Congress didn’t have anything to say after the results and the Rahul Gandhi again lost everything that he dreamed about the party.

In this important election, Bharatiya Janata Party won an upper hand in 307 of the 403 constituencies, claiming victory and that is the smashing slap on other parties face. We are saying that because nobody expected that much big win-win from the BJP because of the bad history in UP.

After the results, all of the sudden social media started trolling the alliance of Akhilesh Yadav and Rahul Gandhi. This becomes viral when people started sharing the jokes and meme about these politicians and I am sure that is going to hurt them both. As per the early report, twitter is start trolling them since the polls came out. Also, the other social media websites like Facebook and Instagram both are getting full with memes.