Bengaluru: Delivery Boy asks Customer for $ex, shares her number with pals

Bengaluru: Delivery Boy asks Customer for $ex, shares her number with pals :- A food delivery boy in Bengaluru was arrested for assaulting a girl customer for refusing a delivery. He wants to teach a lesson to the girl because she refuses to take the delivery. He forwards her number on social media, on groups of WhatsApp and claiming her that she is a female escort.


She got calls 100 calls in the night from people. They asking her how much you charge for $ex.

As per the report : The Girl filled a complaint to the police on 8th July 2016. She tells the story that she ordered a food from one of the famous aaps. Later the delivery boy came with the order and she refuses to take the order because he was late. The delivery boy uses lots of abusive languages and leaves that place

After half and hour, she receives lots of calls from the deilivery boy for the $exual favours. She disconnects the calls. Later she receives calls for 14 people and they ask that how much you charge for a  $ex. Immediately she alerted the police.

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The police find out that delivery boy identity. The boy name is Shreyas. Shreyas admitted that he passes her number and claimed her as she is female escorts. He confessed that crime and assault her by asking the $exual favours on her phone because she refuses to take the order and also refuse to pay the money.

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As per the report, the police officer said that Sheryl went to deliver the food.  H claimed that she did not like the delivery  and said him that to back this parcel. I did not want the order. Shreyas said that it is not possible to take back the parcel. She also refuses to pay the bill of delivery.

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The police officer also said that soon they will find the all the people who call her for $ex. The Police staff is working on this case they will find all the details of the callers and soon they will be arrested.