If you’re pondering which healing class to work with, we can help you with that! There are a bunch of WoW Classic classes from which you can pick from, and we’ll break them all down in terms of their ability to heal and which situations suit them best. Healing isn’t for everyone, though. It requires concentration, quick thinking, and the ability to solve problems on-the-fly. This goes especially when doing World of Warcraft raids, as you’ll never know how much damage your allies can manage. So, if you want to step up and be an important asset to the team, then put on your thinking caps and let us guide you on your journey to becoming a great healer in WoW Classic as well as by learning the fundamental to earning lots of wow classic gold!

  1. Druid

Druids are powerful heroes when they’re at around level 60. At later levels, they reach the peak of their performance even without the help of the Treant form. Druids can not only heal allies, but also deal a decent amount of damage totanky enemies as well. They have over-time effects which makes them great for buffing, aside from the usual healing. Because of this, they’re the type of healer that isn’t for everybody. We don’t recommend the Druid class as your first choice, especially if you’re just starting out in World of Warcraft Classic.

  1. Shaman

There’s a lot of skill needed if you want to play as a Shaman, but they’re actually really fun to play. Shamans have a lot of tools at their disposal, like their utilities. Positioning is the main factor when it comes to Shamans. With the help of totems that give huge buffs and chain healings, they give out effective AoE healing. Druids are especially popular amongst people who do more PvE than PvP, but they’re mechanically more difficult to master than other healing classes. You’ll always have to take mana efficiency into wow classic account, how to maximize their spells, and so on. But hey! At least they have pretty cool sets like the Tier 3 Earthshatterer. You can only play this class if you’re part of the Horde Alliance.

  1. Paladin

Paladins are the most efficient healers out of all the classes on this list. Thanks to their high survivability through the use of their armor and shields, the Paladin class makes for a decent healer that’s perfect from newcomers. Although they’re known for their buffs rather than their healing prowess, the Paladins ultimately get the job done. Paladins are single-target healers, as opposed to the Shamans and Priests that do AoE healing spells. This class is best suited for PvP situations, mainly because they’re tanky and have a plethora of options for shields such as Divine Shield, Divine Protection, and Blessing of Protection. However, despite all those great things, you might find them to be a chore when wow classic power leveling up. Overall, the Paladin class guides are a beginner-friendly choice that anyone can easily get into and even master.

  1. Priest

Priests are generally considered to be the quintessential healer of World of Warcraft Classic. This iconic healer can easily adapt to any situation due to their strong healing abilities and lots of utility, making them perfect for both PvE and PvP. The healing types that they offer have the most variety, such as heals overtime, single-target healing, and AoE healing. The Priest class also has a high skill ceiling, so if you’re looking to challenge yourself, this is the perfect class wow classic guides for you. The only con that the Priest has is that they’re extremely vulnerable to physical damage since they’re cloth-wearing casters. Generally speaking, in all MMO games, Priests have a reputation of having a lower health bar and armor compared to others thanks to only being able to equip cloth armors.

That’s all of the classes that have the best healing potentials. Healers are a staple in PvP and PvE, so knowing which classic wow class to take can be the key to earning a lot of Classic WoW gold. So, have you decided on what World of Warcraft healing classes you’ll be taking? Tell us all about it by leaving a comment below!